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The Four E’s of Student and Parent Engagement: Engage, Empathize, Educate and Empower

Customer service is about two things: 1) building relationships, and 2) delivering the best possible experience for customers at every point of contact. When we consider these two components of customer service, isn’t this exactly what we want to accomplish with our students and their parents? As administrators and teachers, we want to build relationships with students and parents, and we want to make the experience for them the best it can possibly be at every point of contact. Here are four easy ways to instantly improve relationships with both students and parents and, at the same time, deliver an impressive service experience at every point of contact.
Four Good Customer Service Habits for Faculty and Administrators
Today, parents expect, if not demand, a higher level of service from teachers and administrators. Employing good “customer service” habits in schools can improve communication with parents, lead to student learning success, and improve the morale of school employees. This article presents four customer service habits for school officials and teachers to adopt and master.
These 3 Tips Will Help You Increase Your Likeability in the Digital Age
Decades of research proves that people choose whom they like. They buy from them, vote for them, and promote them. Being likeable gives us several additional advantages in the workplace. It helps us accomplish things through people, resolve conflicts with grace, get promoted faster, and be seen more positively among colleagues and clients.
These Nine Techniques Will Instantly Improve Your Telephone Customer Experience
In our digital world, the telephone is one of the best connection devices out there. Over the telephone you can get three to five minutes (or more) of your customer’s undivided attention. If you use the right approach, you can create a memorable experience, generate positive word-of-mouth advertising, and build customer loyalty. In this article, I present nine specific ways you can establish rapport and connect with people over the phone.