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How to Talk to Your Employees About a Mistake

It can be important to focus on what people do wrong. But if we’re not careful, we can bring them down, destroy self-esteem, or harm our long-term relationships with employees. Here are 3 ways to best speak with your employees about a mistake.
What My Grandfather Taught Me About Unleashing Employee Creativity
As a child, my father wanted to fly more than anything. My grandfather knew his passion and arranged for his 10-year-old son, my father, to take his very first flight at a small regional airport. Six years later, he encouraged my father when he decided to build his own plane. In this article, I have shared three lessons that I have learned from my grandfather that will help you foster a workplace culture where creativity is the norm and employees are both happy and productive.
4 Things Every Supervisor Should Be Doing to Address Unacceptable Employee Performance
If you are a parent, you most likely can easily set expectations for your child, issue consequences and not feel guilty about it. You know what you’re doing is best for your child. But can you behave the same way at work? Can you follow through on consequences, knowing employees were clear on your expectations? Can you discipline your employees without feeling guilty?
It’s Nice to Be Nice, But What Your Customers Really Want is Help
Yes, friendly and delightful employees are great. But what your customers really want is a smooth, easy experience. Here are three ways to give your customers what they really want: help.